Shangri-La is the after-hours epicentre of Glastonbury Festival, a largely indescribable, ephemeral and interactive world that really comes to life after dark.

Here the audience becomes lost within an interactive world, sensors overloaded with layer upon layer of with venues, installations, artworks, AV technology, immersive performance and music programming.

Unique among festivals, Shangri-la has a central narrative that pins it all together,  it evolves year by year (a bit like Star Wars). All contributors respond to this narrative, and add to it via their installations, venues and performances. When it all comes together on site the audience have a wholly immersive world to become lost in with a myriad of places to explore.

Exploration and discovery is an important aspect of  Shangri-la. A maze of covered alleys is riddled with nano-venues, performers and installations, artworks and hidden doors.


The pleasure city of Shangri-la was built in 2009 by a corrupt Administration dedicated to unceasing fun.

By 2010, the ruling Administration had been overthrown by the rebels of the Badland Alleys and the city was opened to fellow rebels and chancers from throughout the galaxy.

In 2011, the End of the World was nigh. The pleasure city had fallen into ruin, a virus was ravaging the alleys and the citizens are preparing to flee. The lucky few got a ticket to the exciting new colony, so they packed up and had the last (and best) rave ever.

In 2012, there was no festival, which is lucky, because everyone in Shangri-la died. The virus that raged through the once teaming brothels claimed thousands, the rest choked upon the poisonous, billowing fumes of the evacuation rockets heading for a so-called better world and brighter future.

Sadly, those lucky Shangrilarians that went to find true happiness and a new home in “paradise” met a sticky end. Betrayed by the very aliens that they they had forged a revolutionary new interplanetary partnership with, they were killed and eventually eaten. Turns out the the Mayans were correct after all.

In 2013 we welcomed you to a new 4-year season of shows. Here we to follow the exploits of our denizens on their journey through the Shangri-La afterlife.  Last year Shangri-Hell was revealed to be a corporation, the source of power behind all the world’s most corrupted and cynically profiteering elite.

In 2015 we want to know what you’d do differently, its the year of the Shang Re-election.

After the flinchingly realistic horrors of last years this year Shangri-Hell has been occupied. Every office has been taken over by some of the 99% desperate for change.

Shangri-Heaven is a sanctuary for all those who refuse to dance the political hokey-cokey of the Shang Re-election. The people of Shangri-Heaven, have made their own paradise simply by believing that they could and then getting on with it.