Something has changed in Shangri-La and it’s quite unsettling. Could it possibly get any more nefarious? The new hexagonal incarnation of Shangri-Hell’s famous alleyways presents a nightmarish maze of corporate hell which includes nano venues. Perfect for when you find yourself languishing in purgatory.

We don’t want to tell you everything but from the completely absurd to the terrifying real, we invite you to confront some uncomfortable truths about the way we live today.

The IT Department – CPU


The Central processing unit is Hell’s very own I.T department.

The CPU is an audio visual installation where the huge, pulsating ‘motherboard’ will dazzle and disturb. The cybernetic sounds that resonate through the CPUs circuitry will pound your body and your mind.

The Marketing Department – Pluto’s Bazarre

Since the Bazaar came to an end Pluto has taken up residence in the PR department of Hell, convincing the masses to believe the media and trust the corporations. Taking advantage of people’s greed he is able to make people say whatever he wants.

Using subliminal warfare he is waging war on heaven, subversively conditioning anyone who enters his office…

Plutos bazarre
The Department of Health – FCOM

100% compliant.  F-COM ensures excellence through the application of enhanced inter-sensory testing techniques and applied treatment methods. To maintain the highest standards we provide honesty and integrity through professionally trained staff utilizing advanced technologies and education to achieve optimal goals. We capture meaningful data through our staff, process and technology in a manner that is ethically beyond reproach.

We can only tell you 2 things about the Forbidden Cupboard of Mystery (FCOM)… It’s forbidden and it’s a mystery.

The Department of Apathy – Area 51

A broken down department of a human resources office, complete with oppressive, lowered ceilings, water coolers and corporate signage; overgrown with moss ivy trees and decay. Someone should have put more into their human resources!

Kamakaze Karaokee

Deep inside purgatory you will find the office party. Kamakaze Karaokee presents ‘singing to save your soul’, or at least take your mind off the nightmares of corporate hell.

This will be like musical Prozac. Allow our hosts to guide you through a night of Japanese style song-play, with resident DJ’s Pong Ping and Suzy Saki.


The Bar of Ideas

The Bar of Ideas vessel is purgatory’s No 1 hangout – pass door judgements and take on (sometimes physical) challenges to enter the Dowelling brothers’ world. Last year saw guests climbing tent poles to retrieve balloons for a reward.

bar of ideas