It’s 2015 and in reality there are seven political leaders and not a safe pair of hands among them, but here in Shangri-La we create our own reality.   2015 is the year of the SHANG RE-ELECTION and we want to know what YOU would do better.  This year’s story aims to help people connect with the political process and demonstrate that politics can be for them and by them.


After the flinchingly realistic horrors of last years Corporate Hell, this year Shangri-Hell has been OCCUPIED.   Each office has been taken over by some of the 99% desperate for change.   Each Nano-venue has become a political party, and everyone here has a point to make.   There is nothing too silly or too serious to be said, there is only the process of ACTIVISM, the skies filled with banners, the streets with protesters and placards.


Shangri-Heaven is a haven for all those who refuse to dance the political hokey-kokey of the Shang Re-election.   The people of Shangri-Heaven, have made their own heaven, simply by believing that they could and then getting on with it.


Shangri-La invites everyone to share their message for change. Stand up for what you believe in and if you share your message online we will incorporate it into the many placards, banners and letters of hopes and dreams that form part of the Shangri-la installation at Glastonbury Festival.   @ShangriLaGlasto #Shangreelection #Sholitics


Both Heaven and Hell have an abundant array of mind expanding and dance inspiring entertainment on offer from 6pm til 5am. You can stomp the night away at the epic open air Hell stage, relax inside the tranquil gardens of Heaven or disappear in the hexagonal maze of nano venues, each offering a unique experience to explore.


Due to it’s overwhelming popularity, attendees are advised to experience Shangri-La early in the evening in order to avoid the crowds after midnight.


Stay tuned for further news on lineup additions, art installations, nano venues and more from the Shang Re-Election.