Continuing to edge ever closer to the mother of all UK festivals, things are beginning to get just a little bit exciting.

There is so much happening in Shangri-Heaven and Hell, our late night offerings are a feast for the senses. With the sprawling, post-apocalyptic soundsystems, evil corporate puppets and mind-bending music sets it’s easy to lose yourself in hedonism.

During the day first and foremost, Shangri-La is an art project and we’re most excited to be welcoming world famous and award winning street art pioneers into the Shafterlife. Plus the brain-recalibrating guests of heaven to ease you through your festival recovery.  

Below are our Shangri-highlights.


As you know, Shangri-Hell this year is an oppressive grey office block of madness, steeped with detail and mysterious little doorways.

Our bureaucratic, corporate nightmare presents a hexagonal maze of office space with real office people and politics to make your life miserable. The guys in the IT department are going to screw with your minds as the Marketing department reap the benefits.

Get ready to be poked, prodded and interrogated by our team of experts.

Our personal Hell highlights include the UP-ClOSE sessions throughout the day, a chance to get up-close and personal with some awesome, international DJ’s.

Bands and DJ’s and special guests will be on the Hell Stage around the clock. Saturday night sees Roni Size and Ghetto Funk Allstars take to the stage, and make sure you’re here on Sunday night for one final mash-up. We have a stonking line-up for the closing party this year, including Dusky, Kurupt FM and the Correspondents taking you right through until 5am.

And don’t forget that in amongst the maze and nanos; you’ll stumble across secret gigs and the acts like the banished-from-hell SNAKEPIT DJs.


Shangri-Heaven’s recent accessibility initiative has imploded the pearly gates to reveal a new open-air, video-mapped, life-affirming arena for inspirational electronica and visuals. You can expect some very special music brought to you by Vintage REMIX records, the wonderful Mixmaster Morris and others.

We are ensuring fluffy, bouncy vibes to counter the darkness and grime. If you seek true inspiration and elevation, journey into the Heavenly Dome, for the mornings here bring beauty, hope and maybe even the odd solution.

The heavenly dome is designed to open your eyes and fill you with hope. The Utopian talks taking place in Heaven over the entire weekend are a curation that we’re hugely excited about. At the same time lose yourself in the hanging garden; a suspended medicinal installation brought to your by the permaculturist Claude Oprea.

Learn something, change something and find inspiration in Shangri-La