We’ve been working like crazy to make this year’s Shangri-La the biggest and best yet and we cannot WAIT to let you in. Heaven provides a reprieve from the crazy world outside with  video installations and thought provoking Utopian Talks. And Hell is more demonic than ever as you fall into the pit of corporate hell

Utopian talks (1-2pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

We know how to create Hell on earth and many of the problems facing us as a species, but how do we turn them around, how do we fix it? Shangri-La raises the questions but doesn’t know the answers. Fortunately we’ve found some people who do.

Claude Oprea is the creator of the hanging garden installation and he understands how we can use plants to heal.  Charles Fraser specialises in radiant energy, ambient energy extraction and harvesting the quantum torque. We’ve invited these two charismatic young warriors of light to talk together.

Both men’s talks will revolve around connection and compassion for all life on earth.  Claude will give a mini introduction into Permaculture and its 3 core ethics: People Care, Earth Care and Fair Shares. Charlie will be exploring how we understand nature and ourselves and specifically looking at harmlessness and a cooperative paradigm.

Carrie Reichardt,  is a self-titled craftivist who works from a mosaic-covered HQ, The Treatment Rooms in west London. Her work blurs the boundaries between craft and activism, using the craft techniques of mural, mosaic and screen-printing to create intricate, highly politicised works of art. She will be talking about Craftivism, revolutionary craft and her life through art.

Cat Fletcher is a waste activist and all round resource goddess, a founding member and Head of Media of Freegle. She has worked on the Brighton Waste House in partnership with the University of Brighton and on the city’s One Planet Living strategy and is now the Reuse Manager for Brighton and Hove city council. Cat tells us how not to be a tosser: waste facts and inspiration.

Ritchie Tassell – forester and woodland officer for Coed Cymru, discusses how our ecosystems are being rapidly destroyed.   Ritchie will be talking about the philosophy and practicality of rewilding – the mass restoration of ecosystems – and our relationship with the natural world.

Our ecosystems are being rapidly destroyed. Ritchie will be talking about the philosophy and practicality of re-wilding – the mass restoration of ecosystems – and our relationship with the natural world.


We will all flourish by using less and doing more through cross sector collaboration, technology and people power.



If you think the Glasto 9-5 is being left to Dolly, think again. In Shangri-Hell we are embracing the wonderful corporate monkey. The alleys have gone, replaced with shiny new headquarters. We like to call it “office hell”.

This hexagonal maze houses giant artworks, installations and site-specific performance spaces. From the gloriously absurd to the terrifyingly real, we invite you to confront some uncomfortable truths about the way we live today.

The Boardroom. Witness history in the making as Shangri-Hell gives you an insight into its inner workings.   Listen in on meetings and view presentations by our most esteemed colleagues as they make life-changing decisions. On your behalf.

The Finance Department. Go on a ‘Ritualistic Corporate Journey’ and experience treatments such as ‘Full Body Bonuses’; let us contact your Corporate Spirit Guide; take you on a naked vision quest and defraud, I mean dazzle, you with magical mathematics.

The IT Department.  The CPU is a digital world of electronic hedonism; this is a new audio visual installation by the team that brought you Drum Machine. Visuals and cybernetic sounds collide to create a mind-blowing computer generated experience.

The HR Department. Dear faithful employee, As a thank you for giving up your life to the job, your frequent anxiety attacks and relentless slog, the management at SSIRS (Son and Sons Infernal Revenue Service) invite you to our annual office party.

The Department of Health. 100% compliant.  F-COM ensures excellence through the application of enhanced inter-sensory testing techniques and applied treatment methods. We capture meaningful data through our staff, process and technology in a manner that is ethically beyond reproach.

The Department of Aesthetics. Expelled from Heaven, SNAKEPIT ENTERPRISES is going strong in Hell.   Let the snake writhe through your mind and mash up your norms with an aesthetically pleasing graft of all night riotous cabaret, our infamous DJ’s and monstrous live music. No Tattoo No Entry

We’ve talked about the award-winning and world famous street artists, and the UP CLOSE sessions where you get to see what has influenced and shaped the career of 3 international DJ’s over 4 hour sets. But we also have the usual, hugely entertaining immersive theatre, plus delectable delights for your taste buds scattered around the site. What better place to spend your daytime Glastonbury recovery?

See you there!