Chu is a cunning linguist, and he has created lots of work playing on words and their combination and structure to create poignant and witty comments, such as Sodtherich replacing ‘Shoreditch’ on a tube sign.  He’s created LOTS of artwork for the festival dwellers of Shangri-La, appropriate to the Occupation of Hell and its rally.
Chu is many things – an artist overall, but a politically minded, social commenting one at that.  He helped Banksy become the svengali we know him as today, he singlehandedly created the world’s largest aerosol mural, the Hole In The Wall, he also pioneered graffiti as a youth art within local authorities, he has taught in Afghanistan and also paints in 3D.  And he’s all ours!
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 17.24.02
We could go on forever about how great Chu is but let’s get down to the artwork for this year.  Leading up to the festival we’ll be posting a teaser of his huge mosiac piece, which will be revealed at exclusively at Glastonbury.  Chu has also created some animated ‘word ladders’ which will take over our stage backdrops in the Shangri-Hell area and working on a special Shangri-la #CAMPAIN series around the site.
Here’s how Chu started out, “I started painting in aersol in 1983, inspired by the lettering on a school friend’s electro mix tape.  I became involved with a community arts project and in 1988 we secured a legal spot called The Paddock.  The local authority employed me as one of only two practicing graffiti writers in the country, to take care of ‘street art provisions’ in the borough.  Through travelling, painting and exchanging photos I would form links with other artists nationwide and before long I was invited to join Ikonoklast, the UK’s first ‘Super Crew’.  Painting became a family affair with firends painting alongside one another, Desire, Goldie, Disc, Kel & Size from Walsall, Part2 from York, System from Llandudno, Juice, Cryse & Fuze from Birmingham, Rough from London, Temper from Wolverhampton, SnugOne from London, Solo One from Hinckley and Inkie from Bristol”.
Many more amazing artworks can’t quite to be revealed yet……